Somersby Red Rhubarb Cider 4,5% 24x33cl MHD\BB Date 20.05.23

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Somersby Red Rhubarb Cider 4.5% is an alcoholic cider drink with a rhubarb flavor. It is a light and refreshing drink with a distinctive rhubarb flavor. Here are some features that characterize Somersby Red Rhubarb Cider:

Taste and Aroma: This cider has a distinct rhubarb flavor that is characterized as sweet and sour at the same time. The flavor of rhubarb is delicately balanced by light acidity, which gives the drink a pleasant harmony of fruit flavor.

Alcohol Percentage: Somersby Red Rhubarb Cider has an alcohol content of 4.5%, making it a light alcoholic drink. This is a popular choice for those who prefer drinks with a lower alcohol content.

Packaging: The product is available in various types of packaging, including bottles and cans, which makes it convenient to carry and serve at various events and occasions.

Cold Serving: This cider tastes best chilled, so it is often served over ice. Cooling emphasizes the freshness of the rhubarb flavor.

Occasions: Somersby Red Rhubarb Cider is perfect for summer gatherings with friends, picnics, outdoor events and other social occasions.

Alternative to Cocktails: This cider is an alternative to traditional fruit cocktails and is a ready-made drink that does not require mixing various ingredients.

Popularity: The Somersby brand is known for producing various flavors of cider and is popular in many countries. The Red Rhubarb version is often appreciated by those who like original and unusual flavors.

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